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Proper Decent


Claim your money back on the purchase of your first 4x440ml can pack of
Tetley's No.4 Premium Lager.

Thats right! Here’s your chance to claim a 4 pack of Tetley’s No4 Premium Lager on us!
Proper Decent.

And here’s how…read carefully! :-

  1. Buy a 4 pack of our proper decent new No4 Premium Lager from a participating Tesco Store. Make sure you keep receipt safe, you need it for proof of purchase.
  2. Fill in your contact details on the link below. We need these in case we need to contact you for your refund.
  3. Take a CLEAR photo of your receipt and save it to your device (phone or computer). You need to make sure you capture the date as well as the line that shows your purchase of your Tetley’s.
  4. Check your contact details are correct and then click the red “add receipt” button. Another box opens that will allow you to upload the image of your receipt. Clicking the “Browse” button will allow you to navigate to where you saved the image of your receipt on your device.
  5. Input your purchase price – the price you paid for your 4 pack of Tetley’s No4 Premium Lager in Tesco’s.
  6. Choose your refund option – either Paypal or bank transfer. We cannot refund to credit cards.
  7. Enter your details. This is element is secure and details will not be stored or shared beyond processing your refund.
  8. Tick our terms and conditions box.
  9. Click Submit Claim to start the process of your refund.
  10. Enjoy your Tetley’s No4 on us and don’t forget to visit our Instagram and Facebook page for lots more exciting stuff from Tetley’s.

I'm having trouble placing my claim

For help with placing your claim please contact [email protected]

Tetley’s No.4 is our totally new sort of premium lager. Refreshing as lager, as tasty as ale. Try it, you’ll love it.

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